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Aubretia Dance Studio (奥布里亚舞蹈工作室) was founded by Ms. Lijun Bi (毕丽俊) in June 2018. It is a leading dance studio in the UK and best known for its high-quality teaching of Chinese dance, such as Chinese classical dance (古典舞), Han Tang dance (汉唐舞), Dunhuang dance (敦煌舞), Chinese folk dance (民族舞), Chinese ethnic minority dance (少数民族舞), modern dance (现代舞) and fusion dance (融合舞) in London and Watford, and constantly offering new and fresh choreography for spectacular performances and shows in major British culture events throughout the year.

Aubretia Dance Studio focuses on enjoyment, dance lessons and performances. All Chinese dance courses provide a place for students of all ages and dance levels to inspire and challenge the body and mind through dance. It aims to raise the profile of Chinese performing arts and spread the interest of Chinese culture in the UK.

The following are some example types of dances.

Dunhuang (敦煌) dances

Chinese classical dances

Shenyun (身韵)

Han Tang dance

Han Dance

Ribbon dance

Ribbon Dance

Opera dance

Fan dance

Pibo (披帛)

Foot drum dance

Foot drum dance

Single sleeve dance

Umbrella Dance

Skirt Dance

Double sleeve dance

Ribbon Fan Dance

Ethnic Minority dances

Mongolian dance

Dai Dance

Yao Dance


Uyghur dance

Festive dances

Dragon dance

Celebration dance

Kung Fu

Modern and Contemporary dances

Qipao dance

Qipao dance

Theatre dance

Chinese Square dance and Chinese Shuffle Dance